Your Success is Our Success

DataAIM Inc. (Data Analytics, Integration & Management) was founded in 2018 by Mr. Michael Zizi Rennie. Mr. Rennie is a veteran of the MN Army National Guard and did one tour in Iraq in 2004 - 2005. Mr. Rennie is a skilled and experienced data analyst with tons of experience leading projects to develop data driven applications for fortune 500 companies he has worked for.

DataAIM Inc.  was founded out of the need to have a company that is scaled to the operational needs of the micro to medium size businesses as well as department managers within fortune 500 companies that are in dire need of data driven solutions but shy on budget. Our services are designed to cut cost for our clients and deliver second to non level solutions. 

We take a small town approach to dealing with our clients. We go the extra mile beyond what our service agreement states to make sure our clients  are happy. 

Michael Zizi Rennie | CEO

Meet The Team

Blyden Rennie

Data Analytics Consultant



Front End & UIDeveloper 


Emile Joseph

Data Analytics Consultant


Khirad Ujala.jpg

Khirad Ujala

Full Stack Developer



Angie Hoff

Business Relationship Associate


Isaac  Ford Jr.